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Teen Dante

This musical was inspired to the young Dante Alighieri, his first accomplishments as a poet as his love for Beatrice. The scripwriter Mariella Zanetti re-invented the figure of the young genius taking inspiration from his Vita Nuova.

Scena VI - Luce abbagliante - Dante

Dante sings this song after seeing Beatrice. Almost struck by lightning, he expresses his love for her.

Scena VI - Luce abbagliante
Scena XIV - Avete 'n vo' - Guido, Lapo e Dino

Dante is still a young poet, unrecognized and unaccomplished. However, he is invited to a feast with the three greatest poets of the moment. almost rock stars, Guido Cavalvanti, Lapo Gianni and Dino Frescobaldi. The three, while drinking, sing one of Cavalcanti's sonnet, with a music increasingly irregular and "drunk".

Scena XIV - Avete 'n vo'
Scena XIX - La cura ce l'ho - Corso, Gemma e sgherri

Although in love with Beatrice, Dante has to marry Gemma Donati. A contract binds them. When Gemma's cousin Corso knows of the feelings of Dante for Beatrice, he plans to pay him a visit with a couple henchmen to make sure the poet will play by the book.

Scena XIX - La cura ce l'ho
Scena XXI - Tema d'amore - String quartet

Dante and Beatrice meet again. They don't say a word, aware of the impossibility of their love. Glances and sound tell more than any phrase could say...

Scena XXI - Tema d'amore
Scena XXIV - La mia voce che ti chiama - Beatrice

Dante leaves Florence, and Beatrice, thinking she will never see him again, sings her love to him.

Scena XXIV - La mia voce che ti chiama
Scena XXV - Guido i' vorrei - Tutti

Dante comes back to Florence and is welcome as a superstar with one of his greatest hits.

Scena XXV - Guido i' vorrei
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