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Spazio immersive installation

This immersive installation has been realized for a series of workshops held at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, School of Cultural Technology. It is also a preparatory work for upcoming projects in the field of immersive XR installation.

A virtual forest is rendered on a total of 8 projectors, approximating a room-scale coverage of projected surfaces, as much as allowed by equipment availability and room geometry. The installation also features a ring of 8 speakers to produce spatial audio. 

All the 360-degree projected images rotate and move with the point of view of a VR headset, which also portrays the same forest in a VR space. Therefore, a VR user is "bringing" the audience with them, transferring their point of view from the digital space to the real world, via projected images.

The audience can use 4 VR controllers, which are distributed across different participants, to alter the images projected on the wall. The forest can be deformed and dissolved into something completely different, abstract and unrecognizable. Even when in their most abstract form, visuals are still affected by the movement of the VR headset, which somehow changes the underlying imagery which is subjected to algorithmic processing.

The result is a room-scale transformation of space which immerses audiences both in realistic and abstract scenarios, creating a dialogue between different states of reality.


In the demo above, image processing is applied in real time, although parameters are regulated through a series of scripted interpolations. In the video below, a short demonstration of the connection between the VR headset and the room-scale visuals. At the bottom, a testing session realized with 5 students controlling visuals through the 4 VR controller.

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