For tam-tam, live electronics and Augmented Reality environment

In this multimedia composition, the small tam-tam is both a musical instrument and a portal. It is the bridge between virtual and real world.

It is the door from which a creature emerges, an agile and impalpable being.

The structure of the composition is articulated according to the different forms of relationship the creature establishes with the real performer: it can be a character (moving around and almost acting), a performer (it plays some music by interacting with virtual objects/interfaces), a form of notation ("Follow me" it asks to the performer...and then indicates what to do on the tam-tam); in some cases, it follows the gesture of the performer, as a "tail", drawn in the air.

Real and virtual world are here merged in different ways, with different balances between the two different opposites. We see both sides of the portal.

This piece is the result of a research addressed to the study of new ways for music performance through the use of Augmented Reality, where the combination of real-time 3D graphics and motion capture has the potential to redesign our perception of reality, our representation of it and our capability to interact with the environment.

Although differentiated, all the sounds are obtained from the tam-tam (or, in few cases, other metallophones) through multiple forms of sound processing that can distort a timbre until it is not recognizable. Therefore, the sound itself reflects a continuously crafted out relationship between virtual and real.

All the sounds and visuals (including camera switches) are generated live.