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NFTs are a big deal for the arts market (and for speculation!). I think there is much more than the overly popular "meme" aesthetics (heard of crypto punks?). This is a new arts domain where the piece of art is unavoidably tied to technology from every point of view: fruition, realization, acquisition. Then, the NFT world poses us an interesting question: what does it mean to make art that has technology as its necessary narrative? 

This question drives my interest in NFTs.

Fractal ally

This is my first NFT collection. Here I worked on the idea of creating different fractal structures as collectibles. As my first attempt, it is almost an exercise. However, I still find it expressive and somehow genuine.

It is articulated in sub-collections, in which each piece presents the same pattern but with different rendering parameters. Above, you can see a selection of the sub-collection Gemini. Below, the four pieces of the sub-collection dragon.

First collection and definitely not the last!

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