AR installation
A womb
for:  Ensemble
Live performance: 17.8.2017 - Saint-Martin Vesubie - Conductor: Léo Warynski
LINEAR(Live-generated Interface and Notation Environment
in Augmented Reality)
First experiments. Flute: Patrycja Pakiela, Performer: Simon Qiuming He.
ZHDK Connecting Space - Hong Kong
your body .... your voice
for:  piano, three players and rattle-singing magnets.
Studio recording.
hidden voices....from the outside
for:  ensemble of 15 players and amplified found objects.
Live performance: 24.6.2016 - Ensemble Phoenix, Conductor: Jürg Henneberger
an elusive place to leave (solo flute version)
for:  tape, flute and live-electronics
Live performance: 6.6.2016 - Basel Jazz-Campus - Flute: Anat Nazarathy, Electronics: Giovanni Santini
for:  ensemble of 7 players.
Live performance: 24.8.2014 - Harvard Paine Hall - Talea Ensemble , Conductor: Eduardo Leandro.
for:  flute, clarinet and cello.
Live performance: 19.7.2015 - Palazzo Bufalini, Città di Castello - Ensemble via nova
in change .... what remains
for:  clarinet, viola and piano.
Live performance: 24.11.2015 - Basel Musik-Akademie - Clarinet: Lionel Andrey, Viola: Sophie Wahlmüller,
Piano: Giovanni Santini
Studio per marmo
for: Marble sculpture by Maurizio Toffoletti
Post-edited improvisation
for:  Ensemble of 9 players.
Live performance: Ensemble Laboratorium - Conductor: Giovanni Santini