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Essere and the virtual island

I am fascinated by the possibility to create alternative worlds, virtual places to inhabit. So, I decided to design an island and give it life. This is an open (expandable) project where I keep adding details. The way I decided to start presenting this place to the world was by writing a short VR Opera, rendered as a VR 360 video. However, that only scratches the surface of what is possible and desirable. So, I am working on expanding it into a VR installation and, later on, into a standalone interactive application. 

VR Opera

You are a visitor on the virtual island. The events start at sunset and end at midnight. The island hosts ancient ruins, remains of an old civilization. At night, spirits awake and the island becomes the theater for their actions.

The music is composed of three microtonal songs and sound design tracks. Two songs have texts inspired to ancient Greek poets, talking about death and love.

The whole opera is about memories of a lost past, with a different approach to life, death and reality. 

With the expressive instruments of XR technologies we can represent freely whatever our mind desires. There is no preferential direction. Although some technical aspects look at the future, the content looks back, then inside, then in every direction. 

On any VR-ready device, please use the YouTube/YouTubeVR app instead of the browser version.

Interactive world

The island in which the opera takes place has been designed inside the gaming engine Unity 3D. This means, the opera is just one possible rendered experience inside the virtual world. 

A videogame is nothing else than a complex interactive experience happening inside a coherent digital world. So, why not to take this complexity and richness and apply it to arts, while trying to say something meaningful about the concept of metaverse? 


A user can freely explore this island and its soundworld. The experience changes according to fully controllable day/night cycles .

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