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Another elusive place

This is a composition about space and exploration. The space is not a physical one. It is conceived as an imaginary land wrapped inside the expressive possibilities of a simnple homemade instrument based on a corrugated pipe. The world in a nutshell!

This place of the mind is explored at every new performance, as the score itself is a map. The live-electronics follow the performer in adapting to the different areas of this imaginary land. 

Performer: Michele Bianchini

00:00 / 10:56

An elusive place to live

As in some other pieces I wrote,  here the sound is seen as a place to inhabit. From this imaginary geography arises a narrative outlined by the dialectic between flute and voice. The connection of everything is their common denominator: breahte, which is amplified until it gets naturalistic and almost visual connotations. It becomes wind; a wind that embraces a virtual landscape.

A womb

Again, a piece about sound and space. In this case, the soundscape is seen as a closed environment, where all the elements are contained and given. Ready to give life. A womb. All the sonic, technical and musical ideas are given at the beginning, then constantly reworked and reinterpreted under new lights. From this point of view, it is like being in a room, where someone could look at different details, from different points of view. Close-up on one curtain, focus on the creeks of one wall. Or else, an overview of the whole room. 

Performed by Ensemble Multilaterale.

Hidden voices

An important part of my production as composer was to find new voices for traditional instruments or to give a voice to objects that were not meant for musical performance. In this composition, four found objects (baking tin, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal  cloth hanger) are brought to the foreground. Their sound and playing techniques are mimickied and amplified by the whole ensemble. 

Performed by Phoneix Ensemble


This composition is based on the collision of musical ideas and their decay into heterogeneous sound material, in a travel that ranges from sound to noise.

Performed by Talea Ensemble

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