A glass lies between two worlds - Giovanni Santini
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The thin surface of a glass limits and defines two different realities. While, in a broad sense, both sides are still in the same environment, in our perception and awareness, we conceive them as separate entities: inside and outside. A winter night is the perfect test for this simple statement.

The glass may be only few millimetres thick. Nevertheless, it creates two worlds.

On the viola, the bridge is a limit of existence for two separate conditions, before or beyond it, while precisely in that point, a very small movement creates great differences.

With voice, we can experience a similar situation in the passage between whispering and speaking, or whistling.  I took inspiration from these situations for the development of my sound material, deeply influenced by the instrumental techniques; at some extent, they can be even identified one wth the other.

When the light collides with a glass, the quantistic nature of light wave/particles (fotons) produces two distinct effects: refraction and reflection.

In particular conditions, this dualistic nature is resembled on that glass, creating a blurred reality, a counterpoint of mixed images

Sound materials are treated in relation to a hypothetic glass: even if clearly defined, they can be con-fused in a mixed state.

[Score excerpt]

A glass lies between two worlds

for piano, clarinet and cello (2016)